Beautiful results from a beautiful experience- It's surprising that so many women struggle to find a beauty experience that meets their standards in a city as special as Long Beach. Lash Brow And Beyond was created with its clients in mind- to provide an experience that matches their beauty. Located in uptown Long Beach: Bixby Knolls, Lash Brow And Beyond has become a popular beauty spot for women in the industry and professionals. All services are by appointment only in order to provide our clients with an un-rushed and personalized service. We are happy to accommodate high profile clientele. Please contact us for details.




Georgette Hubbard, LE 


We're pretty sure the Georgette was born with tweezers in her hand. She's had a lifelong passion for all things beauty and even took her first brow design course before she graduated High School! While in college, Georgette developed her passion for beautiful experiences and successful results as a territory manager for an experiential young women's company, which was later acquired by SAKS, Inc. In 2014, Georgette left retail to gain her her esthetics license, and since then she has traveled nationally and internationally to be trained and certified in cutting-edge beauty services, bringing her knowledge and talent back to her client base in sunny SoCal. 

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